Beauty and Ugliness
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2015-03-06 03:35:26 UTC
There is a saying that goes, "Beauty is only skin-deep; ugliness goes down to the bone."

I do not believe that to be true. I look ugly on bad days, handsome on good days. Whereas I have known people who were beautiful all the way through and had the privilege of having them as my intimate partners.

In statements like this, we see a completely wrong approach. The evil is expected and seen to be the core; the good is suspected and attacked. It is much similar to the people who militate against genetic crop modification while doing nothing to stop the burning of the Amazonian rainforest. Evil is expected; good is maligned. The results are disastrous for everyone.

I do not usually agree with James Randi, but he said something that I respect, and that is: That humanity had to evolve a propensity toward good in order to make possible the survival of the species. Goodness should not only be accepted; it should also be encouraged.

Beauty is not only skin-deep, and ugliness does not go down to the bone. Beauty can be just as deep-seated as ugliness; and I've known people who were beautiful all the way through. More needs to be done to recognize, and value, the good in people and less to claim evil to be man's nature. Beauty can be down to the bone, and ugliness can be only skin-deep.
Epizoot Wilkins
2015-03-08 18:50:49 UTC
For your bunghole