The Absolute
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2015-02-12 04:09:16 UTC

The Absolute exists within the Relative
Which exists within the Absolute.
The Frames of Timespace
Are manifestation of Absolute Wisdom
Which underlies Time and Space
And to which Time and Space are Subservient.
All that is Of the Absolute
Inspires Absolute Experience
That Alights all of Manifestation
And is Unmistakeable
To Man
Who exists For the Absolute
And who when Found by the Absolute
Is made to live Absolutely.


The absolute is experienced
It is the absolute passion for the Beloved
Punching with sledgehammers through the walls of emotional entrapment
And bringing to Light what is of the Truth
Which seeing the Truth Revealed in the Beloved
Shatters and Bleeds for Her
And in Finding the Truth in Her finds the Truth in the Universe.
The absolute is experienced
It is the absolute Liberty of Free Thought
Breaking the Lies of Unofficial Tyranny
And making True Freedom manifest -
Freedom that Starts in One's Mind
And through One's Actions
Becomes Reality for One and All.
The Absolute is experienced
It is in the Absolute Beauty
That shows what is Possible
And that once revealed
Calls forth the Absolute Embrace and the Absolute Passion
As is the function of Human Organism
Made and Adapted
In its Aesthetics
To Know and to Feel and to Apprehend
And be Vitalized
By Absolute
As manifest in what is beheld.
The Absolute
Is in Absolute Inspiration
That feels the Absolute Truth of the Universe
That cuts through false logic and false psychology
To Attain Absolute Spiritual and Emotional Inspiration
And before which nothing else can be true.
The Absolute
Is in the Absolute Ecstatic Happiness
Not in the bland contentment that is its enemy
Not in some boring fulfilment of needs
Not in hygiene of the mind
That is the pretext of Modern Psychology
But in the Absolute Ecstasy of Absolute Passion Made Real.
The absolute is in absolute Rightness
Standing upon the Absolute Truth of Life and Liberty
And breaking through relativistic distortion
To make Absolute Life
Absolute Passion
Absolute Beauty
Absolute Inspiration
And Absolute Freedom and Truth and Rightness
Reality for One and All.


The Absolute
Is the choice one makes
When one is tired of dogma.
The Absolute
Is the choice one makes
When one is tired of lies.
The Absolute
Is the choice of embracing
The Absolute Truth of the Universe
Beyond relativity
And which the Truth of the Human Mechanism exists to Fathom.
Its sense is Absolute Passion
Its aesthetics is Absolute Beauty
Its product is Being and Becoming
Its politics is Absolute Liberty of Mind and Heart
Its Moral Sense is Self-Interest and Other-Interest working together
And its consummate fruit is Absolute Happiness that is a function of
all these things
And function also of The Absolute Truth of Universe
As embodied in Human Being
Made Complete.


The Absolute lives beyond Relativity and Relativity lives in its
The Absolute comes to reveal His truth
To those who seek with Absolute Dedication in Their Hearts and Minds.
He is not here for Comfort
He is not here for Contentment
He is not here for Similitude.
The Absolute is what one finds
When he sees the relativistic constructs to be transitory
And dedicates His Life to the Absolute.
The Absolute Truth of Absolute Passion
The Absolute Truth of Absolute Wisdom
The Absolute Truth of Absolute Freedom
The Absolute Truth of Absolute Beauty
The Absolute Truth of Absolute Inspiration
The Absolute Truth of Absolute Goodness
The Absolute Truth of Absolute Will.


Seeking the Kingdom of the Absolute
Puts all else in its place
As all else serves the Absolute.
To stand on the Absolute
Means to be Free Absolutely
And to be Right Absolutely
And to have Absolute Passion, Absolute Inspiration and Absolute Wisdom
And Absolute Ecstatic Happiness follows as a function.


There is sugar at the center of Milky Way.
The essence is sweet
When apprehended completely.
The stars and the Night have wisdom greater than that of the Sun
And nurture Life with their beauty and delicacy.
They call in the night saying to lift the head and to let them bathe it
in their resplendor
Impart of their magnificence
Give their compassion and wisdom
To not keep eye to the earth only
But look above
And be given Wisdom of the Stars
Makes inspiration for human existence.
And beyond them and crafting them
Is the Absolute.


The Absolute Experience of Beauty
Is the Direct Experience of the Absolute.
The Absolute Inspiration
Is the Direct Experience of the Absolute.
The Absolute Passion
Is the Direct Experience of the Absolute
And one before which nothing else can matter.
A Relative Happiness will pass away
A Relative Power will pass away
A Relative Logic, serving the Relativistic Distortion, will pass away,
But the Absolute will Remain Forever
Because Forever is His Name
Because Infinity and Eternity are His nature
Because All Exists in Reference to and By Grace Of the Absolute
And the Galilean Frames and Quantum Systems are made of the Absolute
And man's Will
Guided by Passion and Beauty and Inspiration and All Else that is Of
the Absolute
Punches through All to Attain His Glory.


The Absolute lives in the hearts and minds of those open to His
The traces are million and one of His wisdom and Truth:
The butterfly whose wings pollinate a delicate flower
The coral reefs of Australia
The Horsehead Nebula
The inspiration in mind of a thinker
The tenderness and warmth and gentleness of woman's heart.
All that are open to His greatness sing His name
The Earth is Full of His Glory.


The Absolute
Is beyond time and beyond space.
Rather He is in Experience of Eternity
Whether it be found in passionate love
Or in masterpieces of nature and art
Or in inspiration that guides all improvement
Or in accomplishment that consummates man
Or in freedom of thought and imagination
Or in openness to the magnificence of the cosmos.
The experience of the Absolute
Is Absolute and Undeniable
And Overwhelming
And feels Of the Eternity
And finds the Truth of Eternity
In anything in which one is most open
To Feeling or Seeing or Apprehending the Absolute.
The experience of the Absolute
Feels more True than the apparent timespace continuum
For it is experience
Of that of which timespace continuum is only a manifestation
And which Man's True Self Exists to Serve.


It is meaningless to say that there is a dichotomy between Ideal and
Ideal becomes Real by people choosing to make it so.
This is the Power of the Absolute
As Inspired in Man.
It is meaningless to say that there is a dichotomy between Beauty and
Beauty becomes Practical Reality of People's Lives
By people choosing to make it so.
This is the Power of the Absolute
As Inspired in Man.
The absolute exists within the Relative
Which exists within the Absolute.
The Relative is an intermediate layer
A river of Lethe that sometimes is Bridged
By the Absolute Passion
Of Life seeking the wisdom of Death to inspire Existence
And by the Absolute Wisdom
Of Death seeking to give Life its riches
That its knowledge not be lost
But inspire the living and the yet-to-live
To Know what it Knows
And Act with Absolute Wisdom.


The Absolute is a Being of Passion
And Wisdom and Liberty and Inspiration
And Beauty and Ecstatic Happiness.
The Absolute is not made of rock; He is Plasmic Fire
Whose Self-Creative Passion fuels all that exists.
The Absolute is found in the Magnificence of the Beloved
In the Masterpieces of Cosmos
In the Beauty and Wisdom and Inspiration and Innovation and
To which Humanity owes all it has.


Through Innovation and Passion and Inspiration and Beauty and Freedom
and Wisdom and Goodness and Inspired Intelligence
The Absolute sends his Flaming Arrows
To remind Man of what is the Truth of his Incarnation
And of the Absolute Truth behind the Relative
The Omnipotent Essence behind the Existential
And of which Existence is a manifestation.
Through what Evokes the Absolute Feeling
And thought and spirit and inspiration
The Absolute Comes to Man and Gives of the Truth.
There would not be the relative without the Absolute
And all that is not of the Absolute is transitory.
But in the Absolute is Eternity
And the Earth is Full of His Glory.


To Lift the Head to the Absolute
And be guided by what is Of the Absolute
Is to be Absolute Being
And to use the action and will
That are absolute in the world
To inspire and create what is Of the Absolute.
It is to Live Absolutely.


The manifestations of the Absolute
Are Absolutes
Of Beauty, Freedom, Goodness, Compassion and Wisdom.
The experiences of the Absolute
Are Absolutes
Of Passion and Inspiration.
These are Man's responses to the Absolute
For that is Of what man is made
And in response to which
The Totality of Man
Is Alit by Absolute Experience
That Transcends Time and Space
And exists to guide it.


The Absolute
Is at once
And Freedom.
He is where all these things live as one
He is the Source of all these things
Which like different spectra of light
Refract through the existential prism of the world
And find multifarious manifestations
Of different aspects of the Absolute
That is One
And of which all else is a reification and an aspect.


To be Of the Absolute
And to inspire through it
Absolute Inspiration
Absolute Individuality
Absolute Beauty
And Absolute Truth Revealed through Man's Will on Earth
Is to live in the Absolute
Which is also the Eternal and the True.
It profits man none to achieve relativistic goals
While forgoing the truth of the soul.
To live Absolutely
Is to live inspired by the Absolute
And make action and feeling and life functional to the Absolute
Which to mind becomes the Guide and through action becomes the


It's not a dichotomy between Ideal and Reality
Or Beauty and Practicality
Or Passion and World.
Ideal is guide from the Absolute
Beauty is its manifestation
Passion is response to it.
Man acts to make these reality in the Practical World
Using Reality of his Action.
The relativistic layer is only a shroud
A Lethe between life and death
Over which is built a bridge by principle
Or under which is dug a tunnel by passion
In which the world of the absolute guidance and the world of
manifestation merge and refine.


There is no truth without the Absolute
Nor goodness nor ethics nor principle.
The Absolute Guides and Man Receives
And then Man Creates.
The action informed by the Absolute
Is the action based on what is most true and profound
And the life informed by the Absolute
Is the life that is worthy of having been lived.
The relativistic goals are transitory
But goals based on the Absolute are unbreakable.
The relativistic freedom is illusory
But freedom based on the Absolute is beyond destruction.
The relativistic happiness is vain
But happiness based on the Absolute is complete.


The Absolute is experienced
And in absolute Passion
Absolute Inspiration
Absolute Freedom
Absolute Righteousness
Absolute Wisdom
Absolute Beauty
And Absolute Excellence
Is the Truth of the Absolute.


To seek for the Absolute
Or to be found by the Absolute
Are the same Truth attained from different directions.
There is nothing without the Absolute
And relative layer is only a veil
A river
That is bridged by absolute principle
Or dug under by absolute passion.
Man's ideologies and psychologies and businesses and politics will pass
Carrying with them billions of broken people
But the Absolute endures forever
And that which lives in the Absolute is unbreakable.


Who can destroy the stars?
Who can extinguish a quasar?
Who can open up a black hole and send back all the matter and energy
that is inside?
But it is the Absolute that exists beyond all distortion
And whom all that exists lives to serve.


The Essence that precedes Existence
Is Absolute beyond Relativity
That shapes the truth of man.
The Essence that follows Existence
Is man's deliberate action
That shapes the man
Pursuant his choices.
It is by this intermingling
Between Essence Given and Essence Created
That Man who is Shaped and Shaper
Becomes Man that is Complete
Man that is Of the Absolute
And Absolute Shaper of the Incorporeal.


Grace is the vital link
Between Earth
And heaven.
Like lightning it reaches from top to bottom
And alights Absolutely what it finds.
Its logic is alien to the mind
When it is trained to screen out Essence behind Existence
Yet known well to the Heart and Spirit
When they are true.
In it the essences come together
And light up like a rainbow
Which is refraction of the Absolute
That is Pure White Light
Through the existential prism of manifestation.


The absolute is experienced
For the truth of the Absolute
Is inscribed on Man's Heart
And Inspired in Man's Spirit
And once made present
In itself
Or in its manifestations
It inspires Absolute Passion
Absolute Inspiration
Absolute Ecstasy
and Absolute Life.
There is nothing outside the Absolute
And nothing worthwhile without Him.
Contentment is enemy of happiness
And prissiness is enemy of passion
But the Absolute endures Forever
And all true Happiness comes through Him.


There is nothing outside the Absolute
And nothing that would not recognize the Absolute
When found by Him.
Man lives by Grace of the Absolute
And Absolute is Experienced Absolutely.
Some find the Absolute
And others are found by the Absolute
With Absolute Passion
And Absolute Beauty
And Absolute Wisdom
And Absolute Goodness
And Absolute Inspiration
And Absolute Intellect
And Absolute Rightness
And these are equally valid
For these are the pathways
Across the River of Lethe
To make Man remember
And inspire Life with Wisdom of Absolute Light.


To live Absolutely
Is to live within the Absolute.
It is to live despite the distortion
And reach for what underlies the relative
And beyond Prism of Unfoldment
To find Plasmic Fire of Absolute Light
Of which Prism is structure of Manifestation.
There are many ways for Man to get to the Absolute
And many ways that Absolute reaches Man
But the experience of the Absolute
Is Absolute.
All that is absolute in Man
Is function of Absolute living through Him
And whose Absolute Ecstatic Happiness
Is Result of Life in Him of the Absolute
And the Absolute
Being Self-Existent
Transcends the Laws that He has Himself Created
To reach into the Heart and Soul of Man
Where Man would most be open to Him
And Lift man into His glory
That he may live Absolutely
And thus do Him honor for having lived.


There is nothing besides the Absolute
And all is to Him subservient
And all that creates Absolute Experience
Serves Him
And is by Him justified.
To serve the Absolute
Is the highest honor
Of human existence
And the only pathway to Immortality
For Infinity and Eternity
Exist only in the Absolute
As they cannot exist
By logic of time and space
But are most easy and natural to that which is beyond time and space
For whom all that is Supernatural is most natural
And who is behind all that is Absolute in Experience and Existence of


The Absolute loves
Inspired feeling
And inspired thought.
The Absolute loathes
Small thoughts and feelings
And all that is not of the Absolute
Or that places perspective in the Relative
And makes Man to it Referential
Without knowing what made it
Or what it serves
Or of man's true nature as Absolute Being
Here to serve the Absolute
And who is by the Absolute made righteous.
The Absolute is the Source
And the Absolute is the Destination
His name is the Plasmic Fire
His name is the Self-Existing One
His name is Endless Grace
His name is Inspiration
His name is Abundant Love
His name is Infinity and Eternity
His name is Creator
All lives by His grace
And the Earth is full of His glory.


The dream creates permutations
But the original is not something that can be dreamed
But only created.
What has not been thought of before
Is claim on absolute existence.
The Absolute lives through many other aspects
But in original thought and products and works
Man becomes undeniable
And completely real
And thus is made apparent the Absolute in Himself.


Can man unhook the stars?
But he can shoot for them.
The plasmic fire works as a molecule
Its supercharged fire making whole of its parts.
Thus fire of passion
Brings hearts and minds together
And they function as one
And Absolute lives through both.
Thus likewise synergy
Puts minds together
And they come together with what did not exist before.
It is possible to have it both ways
And it is mind's purpose to do so
Not compromising
But taking what's right in all parties
And putting them together to make the best of all worlds.


Man has self-interest and man has other-interest.
These are two aspects of man's orientation within mankind.
To make the most of both of these
Is to make the most of man.
It is to allow self the absolute freedom of goal and personhood and
self-craftsmanship and individuality and inspiration
Thus making the most of self-orientation
And to seek good for the rest of humanity
In any way or ways that mean the most to their true interest
And that puts one's talents to most benign use
Thus making the most of other-orientation.
This is made the most of the totality of man's orientation within
The most as experienced by the self in a way that matters to self
And the most as experienced by mankind.
The most likewise of self-interest and species-interest,
Both of which are legitimate orientations of man
And through both of which exists humanity and each person.


It makes no sense to serve
If people cannot benefit from the service.
It makes no sense to serve human interest
If people are not allowed self-interest for themselves.
To protect then demand absolute power
Is to run a protection racket
And not to serve but to choke.
By insisting upon the right to self-interest and self-definition
One serves oneself and humanity the most
In ways from which the existing and the yet-to-exist most benefit
And which allow conditions necessary for the good of the living and the
coming to flourish
As measured in their experience of life
In their Happiness, Life and Liberty.


There are many approaches
And there are many paths.
From capitalism to academia to mysticism to civil service
All these exist to make sure that no single game becomes absolute and
absolutely oppressive.
To have many paths
And among them synergy
Within context of checks and balances
Is to have most liberty for the man
And most accomplishment for mankind.


Still more paths:
Artistic inspiration
Scientific experimentation
Creating beauty
And crafting magnificent legacy.
All these are paths to the absolute.
To see in one part of the universe another part of the universe
And to see laws of universe as expressed in both
Is likewise a path to Absolute:
A metaphorical path to transcendent wisdom
That, knowing the laws of the Universe to be found in its parts,
Sees the common among creations
And underlying them all:
The Universe.


There is nothing new under the Sun
Personal computers
Space sattellites
And every individual in the world.
The laws of the universe are manifest in all of the universe
And in each part of the universe can be found correspondence with
another part
And the universal can be found to speak through both.
Man is the creature
To the extent that he follows the laws of the universe
And man is the creator
To the extent he sets them according to his volition.
This dual nature
Makes man a co-creator
And someone who makes new things under the sun
While remaining here to experience
What is eternal
While adding to it -
Which addition can either be universal or temporal.
As the Created
And the Creator
As the Created Being
And the Self-Creative Becoming
Man having been Shaped shapes World and Himself.
It is not dichotomy between Ideal and Reality;
Ideal becomes Reality through Man's Action
And Reality feeds back into Ideal
To form still more informed Ideal
And pursuant still more informed Ideal
A still more informed Reality.


The experience of the Absolute
Is also the experience of the Infinite and the Eternal.
The experience does not need to remain eternal
Or even to last
But it is in itself the path to the Absolute
Which is likewise the Infinite and the Eternal
And what the Relative exists to serve.
When student is ready teacher appears
And student can be ready for many reasons.
The vibrational frequency of the mind of the student
Attracts teacher
By reaching to the level of the referential
At which he exists
And can then be guided anyplace
But will be judged for the results.


It is Man's Created Being
And man's right to shape self according to Ideal and Value -
To self-creative Becoming -
That makes man not only absolute as created
But absolute as co-creator.
Man did not create his nature
And cannot be judged for it
But his choice as to what he Becomes
Is both a grace and a burden.
Man certainly can't be judged
For traits made as a child.
Man's Being is function of nature;
Man's Becoming is deliberate self-directed action.
Becoming is both a grace and a burden
That elevates man out of the natural law of being determined
And puts man into the human law of self-determination
Until his Being becomes a result of Becoming
And then - only then - man truly becomes Function of Choice
For which he can be judged or considered
And by which he is made self-determining.
And how he is made Real.


Some dualities are value-neutral and legitimate.
Others are valued and illegitimate.
Man and woman
Day and night
Mind and heart
Valuing and liking
Are both legitimate and value-neutral
Neither side better than other
Both necessary
And the optimal outcome comes
From them working together
And making more than either and more than both.
Good and evil
Health and disease
Beauty and ugliness
Are valued and illegitimate:
The first in each pair is always right;
The second in each pair is always wrong
And the optimal outcome comes
From being the first completely.
Distinction between legitimate and illegitimate dualities
Informs choices as to what to do with them
And thus drives any action that has a chance of being informed.
The Eastern dualism
And the Western dualism
Have nothing in common with one another
And must not be ever confused
For underlying energies are incompatible
And results of the confusion are disastrous.


The heart and the mind are both valid:
Both wonderful, both capable of error, both needing each other.
It is by combining both that we have complete understanding
With two working as checks-and-balances when errors stand to be made
And working in synergy to aim for goals that are rightful.
Heart determines what is loved;
Mind determines what is valued.
Happiness happens when two are in accord.
To want one thing but value another, is to have no chance for happiness
As mind and heart work against one another
And sabotage each other along the way.
This leads to belief that happiness cannot be found
When the problem is with the mindset that leads to this separation
Between heart and mind.
It is when mind and heart work together
That one can attain at happiness.
Man becomes good and humanity becomes good
When mind and heart understand one another
And work in synergy
That builds on both
And creates something better than either would have created itself.


To understand something Absolutely
It is necessary to observe it objectively
And feel it subjectively.
It is to see both the external results
And the way it is experienced from the inside.
It is to engage both the rationality and the feeling
And to make it fathomable to both at once.
Only examining objectively gives no understanding of how it is felt
And ruins compassion and emotional understanding.
Only experiencing subjectively gives no understanding of external
By integrative cognition -
Combining objective examination and subjective experience -
It becomes possible to understand experiences, cultures, religions and
In a way that combines evidence of mind
And evidence of heart
And thus creates totality of experience and understanding
In a way that engages the entirety of human being.
In a way that is both felt and fathomed.
In a way that is - Absolute.


In choice -
In self-creative Becoming
Is man's grace
And ability to do what is right whatever the nature.
The Being is not subject to choice hence cannot be subject to judgment
And choice of Becoming is man's saving grace.
The Gordian Knot is two complementary half-truths
Creating a soul-killing falsehood.
Such is attacking people on moral basis for things
Such as nature
That aren't subject to moral choice.
Such is claiming that beauty is relative
And then attacking women for being beautiful
Therefore showing that one like all else knows what is beautiful
And beauty is not relative after all.
The Gordian Knot is two complementary half-truths
Enfolding the soul
And it is untied not simply by logic that it twists around itself
And not simply by desire which it entraps and usurps
But by a combination of mind and heart.
The Gordian knot is untied
By man's wits
Guided by man's desire.


The Pomegranate is one link to the Underworld
As in the myth of Persephone.
The Pomegranate is a fruit consisting of seeds.
The fruit is a function of itself and the seeds.
The seeds are the function of the fruit and their unique selves.
Through intermingling and interconnectivity and shaping and reshaping
each other
Is achieved accomplishment of the seeds
Accomplishment of the fruit
And accomplishment of the conditions within the fruit.


A pattern is noticed and then deconstructed
When something is found that refutes it.
In this way man goes through stages of judgment
To other stages
And ultimately to seeing as is.
The pomegranate has pioneer seeds
That refute the explanation given before.
Many want to destroy them for that reason,
And many pioneer seeds believe they have no value.
Their value is in leading to greater understanding.
The seed is itself, and the pioneer seed is itself,
But likewise an integral part of the fruit
And by identifying with both itself and the fruit
Stands for originality and refutes the false ideology
And allows understanding to grow.
The world improves with it.
To identify with self
And identify with cosmic process of which self is a part
Is a way to defeat oppression under any name
And to live Absolutely.


The flower also embodies the logic
Of both itself and the cosmic process.
The flower is the fulfillment of the species
Its consummation its blossoming
And the state from which it derives its name.
The flower is likewise the link to the future
Of the species
And of course also of the world.
The logic of consummation and continuity
Intermingle within the flower
And lead her to seek to be her best
And to inspire and nurture the coming.
All that is flower
Is fulfillment
Of Consummation and Continuity.
She seeks to be her most beautiful
And she seeks to inspire the coming.
This double logic may seem to some contradictory
But it is far more wise and inspired and Absolute.


If I were to treat the next person the way I want to be treated
I would be projecting myself onto him
While squashing his own individuality.
But by treating the next person the way they want to be treated
I do honor to the next person and that what made the next person.
I treat the next person the way I want to be treated
To the extent that we embody the same humanity.
I treat the next person the way they want to be treated
To the extent that the next person is different from me.
In all there is that which is universal
And that which is individual
And both are aspects of the Absolute:
The first as it is embodied in all of man
The second as it is embodied in the next person.
It is by seeing both and honoring both
That the entirety of humanity
Both universal and individual
Both eternal and temporal
Both created Being and self-creative Becoming
Can be made complete.
And by working in synergy with each other
The individual and the universal
The temporal and the eternal
Can make most of themselves
And most of mankind.
I honor the next person
For being the next person:
For the universal within them
And their own original.
In giving both a way to exist
And to work in synergy
I invigorate human existence
And honor man's dual nature
As creature and as creator
As shaped and shaper
As universal and temporary
As species and individual
As created Being and self-creative Becoming
In self-interest and in other-interest
And give life to the totality of that which is man.


The choice to make
Is not whether it is good relative to the present state of affairs,
But what will be made of the world if other people were to do the same
The Categorical Imperative
Means to do what will make the world better
Which means:
Making possible for each next person the most of self-interest
And making possible for the civilization the most of other-interest.
The more freedom and beauty and individuality and passion allowed
The more good one does for humanity.
To move the place toward a state where families
Support and allow existence
Of freedom
Happiness -
That is the true Categorical Imperative
And it is by pursuing it
That one does true moral good
For himself and for the World.
It's not acceptable to have traditional values
As means of perpetuation of misery.
To make traditions accept beauty and life and liberty -
That is how future of humankind is assured
And the more life and liberty
Incorporated into the constructs
The more good one does for the existing
And for the world.
To think historically
Of what world would be good both for humanity
And for each human being -
That is the task of the mind and heart.
Through new ideas the civilization grows
And through new patterns the world becomes the best it can be.


It is not by reference to temporal constructs
That man exists
But by reference to the Absolute.
Cultural norms are relative
And to define man in reference to them
Is to usurp man
And to usurp the Absolute.
Man does not exist by reference to one or another relative adaptation
But by the Absolute
And it is by going to the Absolute
That man finds His true nature.
Man's destiny is to be Absolute
And that means to live within the Absolute
And by the truth of the Absolute to be justified.


Some say mankind is great but people are awful.
Some say man is vile but people are all right.
The absolute and oppression against the absolute require different
And evoke different responses.
The man who identifies with the soul
Is seen as an enemy of the context
But it is the context that sees him that way
That is the enemy of the soul
And as such the enemy of the vital force of humanity
Which is a function of the absolute.
The people who identify with the soul
And being attuned to life's absolute
And give gifts of life
Which are
The living code of intellect and inspiration and charitability
Instead of the dead one of oppression.
Those attuned to the law of the soul
Are better company and far lesser sinners
Than people who attack life
And are therefore dried up
And incapable of forgiveness.
It is better to live on a roof alone
Than at home with a shrew or a banalist.
And those who are called sluts or whores
Are far lesser sinners than mouthy harpies.
The first give the gift of life;
The second give the gift of death.
For as long as one is living,
The code of life is more true.


All need the Absolute
But most destroy it when it is found.
Man wants free-spirited woman
For she is full of life
And passion and eros and beauty -
All of the Absolute
That man craves and loves and requires.
But same man attacks free-spirited man,
Seeing him as enemy of the context.
Once man gets the woman,
He will feed on her energy at emotional level
While bludgeoning her at the mental one
With the lie of the context
Which he bought into and claimed his
But which is not itself life-supporting
And in its basic nature dead.
For code of the dead
The Absolute is a threat and a menace
And exists to be destroyed in man
And attacked in woman who has it
Once she is captive audience.
As he attacks her
She becomes robbed of what made her lovable -
The Absolute
The life
The eros
The delicacy
The inspiration
And man's love evaporates.
He says the problem is love.
The problem is his belief.


Dead rules
Dead code
Dead supposeds
In place of the living code of thought and compassion and inspiration
That was given by God and followed by best of man
Is a betrayal of the Testament
And betrayal of the best minds of mankind
Who did not fight for liberty and inspiration
In order that future generations should live in oppression and misery.
Oppression by any other name is betrayal of liberty
And betrayal of what true benefactors of humanity
Have given their lives for.
The Dead Letter is not fit guide for the living people
And loving one's neighbor is not loving what oppresses him
But loving his soul.
To love the soul of man is to fight what oppresses it,
And compromise with that which wants man dead leaves him half-dead.
Inspiration and intellect and wisdom and charitability
Take life out of the cave
And make it worth living.
In these things is found the Absolute
And in this leads improvement
Both for man
And for mankind.


To act one way when wooing
And another way when married
Is to engage in false advertising.
To push young people into lives
They would not choose if free and informed
Is to steal lives.
There is no sanctity to false advertising
Or life-stealing
And covenants
To truly be sacred
Must be free of these and related wrongs.
They must be based in freedom
And abundant wisdom and knowledge
And only then can they
Claim to have responsibility and ethics.
Only then can they
Have the sanction
Of the Absolute.


The perpetuation of the lie of the context
And making the culturally relative context
The absolute principle in humanity
Requires constant search for sources of vitality
And feeding upon them
While attacking them at the moral level.
This - failing to compute one's inputs -
Is far greater sin
And far greater hypocrisy.
To identify with the soul
Is to be able to have true compassion
And be of true value to mankind.
To keep to emotional truth, is to experience and know the Absolute.
And it is by this that the wisdom of Absolute is made possible
And makes a livable world.


Man cannot make a good choice when he is not informed.
Knowledge and wisdom are required for anything that could possibly call
itself responsible
For knowledge and wisdom are necessary to know the world
And thus compute the results of man's action
And act in a deliberate and calculated manner
That computes the consequences and maximizes the good while diminishing
the bad.
There is no responsibility without wisdom and knowledge;
Not knowing the world, people do actions they think responsible but
Freedom is necessary for knowledge
Because it is only within freedom that man can be free of dogma
And pursue knowledge impartially.
Knowledge is a prerequisite for ethics
Because only within knowledge can true good and wrong be computed.
Freedom and knowledge are therefore prerequisites for all other virtues
And without them neither ethics nor responsibility can exist.


Success means meeting one's own goals.
To define success by objective standard
Is to define it as meeting goals that aren't one's own,
But as meeting goals that somebody else has for them.
That is an usurpation and a betrayal of liberty.
To succeed means to achieve one's goals,
Not goals that somebody else has for oneself.
Success is not measured in property terms
Unless property is one's own, freely and informed, chosen goal.
Success is not measured in contentment
Unless that is one's own, freely and informed, chosen goal.
Success is not measured by an external standard
But by a standard that one sets for oneself.
Liberty means finding one's goals and pursuing them
Or being open to life and letting one's goals find oneself.
Or, if so fits, live a goalless existence.
Most people don't know what they truly want until they encounter it
And they most certainly don't know what they truly want until they've
To be open to life so that it finds you -
To attain wisdom and knowledge that frees you from entrapment -
And then only then being able to act deliberately and responsibly -
That is the prerequisite for any success worthy of being had.


The tools are not gods
But tools.
Are tools
And ones that can be wielded wisely or wielded foolishly
But have no claim on definitive power
Over Man
Having neither created the Universe
Nor having the wisdom
To make Man.
Tools exist to be used
And that means
Use technology to create beauty
Use society to create civilization
Use logic to produce great works
For to be used - whether for good or for ill - is a tool's nature.
Tools can be used for great things
But are poor gods.


The tool
Possesses no wisdom or overarching perspective or compassion
And as such is a poor god.
To deify tools
And use them as reference points of human existence
Is to define man in reference to the relative
Which is to make man tool of a tool
And make his life
Relative to a relative
And hence vicarious.
To define man in reference to a social adaptation
Is to make absolute functional to the relative
And thus to create tyranny of the relative
Totalitarianism of the proletariat
That gives unofficial adaptations the definitive power over totality of
man's beingness
The power to define man in reference to itself.
Which is the power to make its relative self the center of value and
definitive power
And by in reference to which man can be defined and judged.
Which pseudo-authority, being unofficial, is also unchecked and
unbalanced and unaccountable
And becomes absolute
While having none of the Wisdom, Compassion, Goodness and Greatness
That is of the Absolute.
To present man
In reference to social interest
Or ideology
Or psychology
Or trend
Is to admit a Trojan Horse
Of referential construct
And assay man in terms of the transitory
While giving it the definitive authority over what is man
And thus to usurp man absolutely
In service of things that have none of the wisdom of the Absolute.
It is not by the relative that man is justified
But by the Absolute
And it is in the Absolute that is found Absolute Life
And Absolute Right
And Absolute Existence.
To define the absolute in reference to the relative is an usurpation.
The Absolute Power belongs only to the Absolute
And Man lives by His glory.


Social control
Are all relative desires:
Desires relative to temporary purposes
And temporary social adaptations.
They have no greater moral authority
Than any other desire of the flesh
And indeed
By themselves tend to become usurpatory
Using moral authority of the Absolute
For their transitory ends.
To use God for these relative ends
Is to put the Absolute in service of the the Temporal.
There is nothing more ethical about these things
Than about anything else that lives in human being
And the fact that they are used as center of moral code
And center of definitive code
Means that they must be checked by wisdom
Both from the Absolute in man's passion and inspiration
And from the Absolute in man's liberty.


How many souls
Got lost in the snares of the relative
Or never experienced life
Thinking that they were doing the work of the Absolute
While being closed off to existence?
To live by the Absolute means not to avoid what is relative
But to put the Absolute First
And make the relative follow
As is its nature
And as it is designed to do.
The Absolute punctures the seeming
And uses all that is relative to His purpose.
Man lives truly when living in Absolute
And in the Infinite and Eternal that are His attributes.
The Absolute is In-Itself, For-Himself,
And Man finds his way to the Absolute
Or the Absolute finds His way to Man
And both these paths are equally valid.


Dreams are made real
By man choosing to make them real.
In making dreams real
Man serves mankind.
It makes no sense to serve
If nobody benefits from the service.
By making dreams real
Not only does man make life beautiful for the next person
But he likewise shows what is possible
And creates accomplishment of mankind.
He inspires others and gives them reason to live.
The self-interest and other-interest
Work in synergy with each other,
With first making most of self
And second making most for others.
These are inextricable and absolute
And can be arranged the best way,
The worst way
Or one of the two middle ways.
Making the most of both
Is making the most of totality that is man.
It is not the choice
Between dream or reality
Or between individualism and collectivism.
Dreams are made real by man's action,
And individual liberty and doing good for the next person
Both being particulars of human nature
Are one and the same
And avail of their riches when made free.


There is no legitimate war
Between heart and mind
Or man and woman:
They must work together
Within the context of mutual understanding
And thus make something that has not existed before
By building on best of both.
The legitimate dualities
Like branches of federal government
Know parameters of their roles
And work in synergy
Within context of checks-and-balances
Creating more than what is in either
And something that has not existed before
While themselves being protected from destruction and usurpation.
There is no compromise between good and evil
Or health and disease:
The illegitimate dualities
Depend on the good triumphing completely.
The compromise with something that wants you dead leaves you half-dead.
The Eastern and Western system are both dualitistic,
But the approach to dualities cannot be more different
And the solution to dealing with dualities cannot be more different.
To treat mind and heart
Or man and woman
The same way one treats good and evil
Is absolute disaster and horrid wrong.
Mind and heart
Or man and woman
Are both legitimate
And must work together.
But good must always triumph over evil.


Some say that beauty is only skin-deep
While ugliness goes down to the bone.
They say this because they haven't known true beauty
Or if they did tore it to shreds.
True beauty is work of the Absolute
And is made absolute through choice for Him.
It is beauty that holds affininity for all that is beautiful
And makes all that is beautiful Her inspiration.
It is beauty of orchid
Internalized in the human being
And as a result of choice
Made to be shaper.
It is beauty of heart and mind
Made to motivate being one's best
And making one's actions most beautiful.
True beauty goes all the way to the bone
And remains there for as long as the person chooses to make it so
Whereas temporary ugliness can be made to go away.
True beauty goes down to the heart
And from the heart radiates through the totality of one's being.
It's not a choice between inner or outer beauty.
It's a choice FOR absolute beauty
Where inner and outer beauty feed into each other
And make each other complete.
True beauty is Absolute
Whether internalized in one's heart and mind
Or given from without
And making her totality beautiful
With the wisdom of Absolute Truth
Radiating through the entirety of her being.


Choice makes possible all things deemed impractical.
It makes possible
And religiously inspired existence.
Choice is man's saving grace
And that makes it man's analog of the Absolute.
Things subject to choice
Are subject to judgment
Therefore wisdom
Is necessary
For good choice
To be made.


The mindset of suppression of creative thinking
Is the mindset of suppression of all to which humanity owes everything.
As such it is a mindset of parasitism and oppression
And results in brutality and barbarism
Under the banner of righteousness
Which it is not.
It is not a matter of taste;
It's a matter of what it takes to maintain tastelessness.
It's not a matter of things being boring;
It's a matter of what it takes to maintain boredom.
It's not even a matter of ugliness;
It's what is done to those who are most naturally attuned to beauty.
And it is a matter of similitude
And what it takes to maintain it
In the land of the free the home of the brave.
Through suppression of creativity
Is perpetuated an order that cannot tap into human genius
And is therefore shorn of the best that man can do.
The sin is failure to tap into the genius
And what is done to keep the genius from blossoming.
Through suppression of taste
Is perpetuated an ugly place.
The sin is failure to tap into what would make the place beautiful
And what is done to keep the taste from being able to give of its
Through suppression of individuality
Is perpetuated an order that cannot grow through people being
And being the most they can be.
The sin is failure to tap into the wisdom attained by individual
And what is done to keep people from becoming individuals.
Through suppression of emotional truth
Is perpetuated from generation to generation the same falsehood.
The sin is failure to tap into the wisdom contained in emotional truth
And what is done to keep it suppressed.
To maintain ugliness and similitude
Are done some of the most awful wrongs currently committed
And always require destruction
Of what is bright and original and open and inspired in humanity.
Similitude, ugliness and banality
Are therefore not innocent
But require horrible wrongs to maintain them
And are therefore a blight on all places in which they exist.


The Emotional Truth
Is aspect of the Absolute
In humanity.
It gnarls and twists when suppressed
Like horns that grow in the stomach
But when released to the air
Become receptacles of divine truth.
The quality of the covenant
And its truthfulness to the Absolute
Is measured by whether the horns in people
Are allowed a way to heaven
Or whether they gnarl and twist inside them
Until the people die.


What is the opposite of love?
Some say it's hatred,
But there are many people who love and hate the same person at the same
Some say it's fear,
But there are many people who love and fear the same person at the same
What cannot someone feel for the person one loves?
To not care about them.
That is the opposite of love:
The absense of passion.
The opposite of the Absolute
Is the absense of the Absolute.
And it is by presence of Absolute in all of his actions
That man is made to live Absolutely
As is His destiny.


When mind and heart work together
Within framework of mutual appreciation and understanding-
Then we see synergy
That incorporates the wisdom of both
And makes it formative to one's life.
When man and woman come together
Within framework of mutual appreciation and understanding-
Then we see synergy
That produces from these equals what neither could by themselves
Man and woman
Mind and heart
Self-interest and other-interest
Within framework of mutual appreciation and understanding
Can and should be able to create magnificence.
When these are in accord
Beauty is created
And true passion and absolute happiness follow.
Heart and mind
Man and woman
Day and night
Are equals and can work together
To take inspiration in each pair
And make it blossom into mature fruit.
There is nothing equal about good and evil
Or health and disease.
The legitimate dualities are true
And work with each other
To create splendor
But compromise with someone who wants you dead leaves you half-dead.
Appreciation, understanding and synergy between legitimate dualities
And absolute extremism in illegitimate dualities -
There is found recipe for lasting beauty and happiness of the world.


Man in his Becoming
Is co-creator
Supplementing the Being:
Determining rather than only being Determined
And thus being made Absolute function of Choice.
It makes no sense to attack man's nature
For he did not determine it
But Choice gives man ability to Determine his actions
And shape his self -
For which he can be judged
And which is both a grace and a burden
And allows man to act righteously
Whatever his nature happens to be.
Only that which is open to Choice
Is open to Judgment,
Which Choice can only rightly be done
Within framework of Wisdom
Which can only be found within framework of Freedom.
Any moral attack on man's nature
Is an attack on what's not open to choice,
And any concept of ethics or responsibility
Without Wisdom and Freedom
Is a lie.
Wisdom is a prerequisite for being informed
Which is a prerequisite for calculated action
Which is a prerequisite of action that is responsible or ethical.
And any concept of ethics or responsibility
Without Wisdom and Freedom
Is a lie
And results in stolen lives.
Which is hardly ethical or responsible.
This Gordian knot likewise must be untied.


Man's understanding completes that of God,
Who had neither experience of being most men
Nor that of being any woman.
Man's understanding completes that of God
And together they work in synergy
To manifest the Absolute Essence beyond the relative frames
And to supplement it with Absolute Truth of man's experience.
Moses talked God out of killing the Jews at Mount Sinai.
To reason with God,
Knowing that He is God
Can at many times complete His perspective
As well as enhance one's own.
The Absolute
Is universal
As well as individual
And through identifying with self
And the Universe
Like seed in the pomegranate
One lives Absolutely
Both for self and for the Absolute.


Sometimes reality follows sense of righteousness
Sometimes sense of righteousness follows reality.
The idea that the world is just
Leads to moral cowardice
That attacks people who are hurting
And makes justification why they deserve to be hurt still more.
The just-world hypothesis
That gives people a sense of sanity
Is maintained by perpetuation of brutality and injustice and crime -
Which is cowardice combined with being participant in that crime and
When someone destroyed starts rising
The just-world hypothesis people howl
As they do when someone elevated starts going down.
The world is not just
But a result of people's actions
Which can be just or injust
And it is by making it just
That the Absolute again leads
That Justice leads
That Beauty leads
That Ideal leads
That what is of the Absolute leads
And shapes the referential into embodiment of truth and justice.


The integrative way
Is the way of building with mind and heart
With intuition and intellect
With spirit and body
With subjective and objective
With self-interest and other-interest
With universal and individual
And making the most of human experience
As existents balance against each other
To reduce wrong
And synergize with each other
To make the most of each pair
And what would not have existed itself.
This is true for legitimate dualities.
For illegitimate dualities
Such as good and evil
Or health and disease
One is completely right and the other is completely wrong.
And in case of legitimate dualities
This is the way: Take what's good in each
And combine them
And stand uncompromisingly for that outcome.


It's not a choice between modernity and tradition:
Tradition grows through man's intellect and inspiration
And by it is made the most it can be.
Traditions improve
By incorporating innovation
And recognizing good in new ideas or external ideas
And therefore become traditions that are worthy of the name.
There are many traditions
And many cultures
And all grow and improve through innovation
And become habitable through liberty
And its consequent: Knowledge and wisdom
And Beauty and Passion that are its fruit.
The global cultural competition
Acts like free-market economics:
Putting pressure on cultures to produce the best outcome
And become the best they can be.
Even as the good ideas in component cultures
Overcome bad ideas in each other
While enriching each other with good ideas
And thus growing in themselves
And helping each other to grow.
It's not a choice between present and tradition:
The present improves the tradition
And makes it more habitable for the people
As well as rich in their thought and their feelings
And lives of people in civilization get better
While civilization grows and gets better
And becomes civilization worthy of the name.


The fact of human fallibility
Means that no human entity is rightful in having absolute power
But all must check each other
Against wrong in each other
While synergizing with each other to create rightfulness that did not
exist before.
When one set has power
It makes errors peculiar to that set
Even as it runs roughshod over everyone else.
To have perspective outside the in-group
Enhances the wisdom of the in-group
And makes it more representative, intelligent and complete.
This is true for all aspects of human existence
And it is by encorporating all demographics and mindsets
That errors are diminished
Knowledge and wisdom are maximized
And intelligent choices are made.
This is as true for unofficial entities
Like communities and societies
As it is true for governments and business entities.


It makes no sense to design country free of official tyranny
In order that unofficial tyranny
Of entities unchecked, unbalanced and unaccountable
And therefore tyrannical
Take its place.
It's not acceptable to follow laws that are unwritten
Because those laws are not subject to accountabiliy
And are therefore tyrannical
And life and liberty demands not only rejecting such usurpations
But standing up to them.
All that defines people in reference to unofficial interest
Is what expropriates people
And creates conman's totalitarianism.
That is a betrayal of liberty
And betrayal of the Absolute.


There must be a real incentive
On marital partners to treat each other rightly.
There must be a real incentive
On communities and societies to not be tyrranical.
There must be a real incentive
On civilization to honor individuality
And thus to incorporate its fruit of innovation and excellence.
The checks and balances that are on the government
Must be extended on unofficial entities
In order that they not remain tyrannical.


The Absolute is the source of all that exists
And His way is of reaching inside
And alighting it in absolute experience.
He can take anything of man and put it into His service.
There is no person who cannot be touched by the Absolute.
Through Absolute Experience, Absolute leads people to Him.
And once in Absolute,
It becomes possible to live absolutely.
Out of Him flows true life
In Him is true freedom
And through Him is found absolute happiness.
All these become absolute truths
Of human existence
When found in the Absolute
And by real action of man
Made practical and Absolute reality
Of his life.
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